506% click-through gain!

Ashley Inn
The Ashley Inn – Cascade, ID

The Ashley Inn features 67 luxurious rooms in the stunning mountain range Cascade, Idaho. Nestled in the Idaho Mountains surrounded by lakes and streams, The Ashley Inn provides guests a comfortable place to stay while exploring the area for adventure and scenic views. Every outdoor activity you could ask for is available, hiking, kayaking, skiing, water skiing, whitewater rafting are among the list.

286.2% increase over the normative open rate.

Send²’s Chief Sales Officer (“CSO”) had 5+ year relationship with the owner helping her drive leads and revenue while circumventing 3rd party travel sites that tried to intercept their bookings. All together The Ashley Inn had 5 or so different systems being used for lead generation. EZtexting, mailchimp, Drip and another ESP were all being used intermittently or not at all. Their email database was strong, with just over 13,000 collected over the previous 10 years. However it was being underutilized, as they hadn’t sent a mailer in 6 months or so. The Ashley Inn moved over to Send² in November 2019, very quickly and easily merging into their Send² account, and proceeded to brainstorm on their first mailer.

a whopping 12.12% click through rate

Their first mailer went out on December 11th 2019. They setup a segment, and filtered their first mailer down to 10,500 people that are in their top feeder drive markets such as Boise, Coeur d’Alene, Salt Lake City, Idaho Falls and Reno. Using Send²’s smart sending technology we began to send out the mailer over a 48 hour period. During that time, using domain adaptation, we achieved a 38.62% open rate, and a whopping 12.12% click through rate. In turn, from one mailer which had been dormant for some time, The Ashley Inn grossed $4,000 in gift card sales on their first campaign alone. An outstanding achievement.

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