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Creating your first template

Our template manager is easy to use. We allow you to store templates for Emails, SMS & Popups. We’ll start with emails before we get into other formats.

Creating a email template from scratch

Side bar navigation
The Send² navigation menu.

Goto our templates on the left hand navigation menu, go down to “email templates” and click on it. The main panel will load and you will be given a set of options.

New templates

Choose the “New” in the top right hand side, this is highlighted in the image above. This will load our editor with a blank template leaving you to fill in the structures and content.

New structures to for templates

Once the editor loads, add new structures from the right hand side. It’s a drag and drop interface, and is easy to use. Once the structures are loaded, you can pick the content types. Such as “Layouts”, “Text”, “Image”, “Button” or “Video”.

Save your template

Once you finish setting up your template don’t forget to save your template.

Sending a test message

You might also want to send yourself a test email. You can do this from the template editor. We have other previewing options too, but nothing is better than a live version in your inbox.

Creating a template from our Gallery

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