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Importing your contacts from a CSV

We allow you to import your lists from standard CSV files. We support custom data fields, and standard inputs such as email, phone, name, address et. al. Below we’ll bring you through a set of screenshots that allows you to upload your CSV lists into Send².

Don’t know what a CSV is?
A CSV is an acronym which stands for Comma Separated Values. It’s a common medium used to transport data for databases, and in this case – your email list.

Click on “Import” from the side bar.

Create a new name for a group to import your list to. Or you can import into an existing group.

After you create a group, drag your file to the box identified above, or click the link to find it via Explorer/Finder.

Once your CSV file has been uploaded, map the header with the available fields. You can skip any field you don’t want to import.

You can review the import prior to import

Import your list, and then you can view the “Import Queue” to see the status of your last import.

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