What is Send²

Send² is a marketing and sales automation platform focused on Email & SMS marketing. We enable businesses to create optimized customer experiences by automating many behind the scenes processes and communicating with their customers across channels with personalized, intelligence-driven messages.

Why just $35 a month?

As believers in disruptive and easy to use technology, we foresee the email marketing world changing drastically to fixed prices. Not for a limited time or some gimmicky offer, but a single flat rate. No missing features or tricks to get you to upgrade. Simply a flat rate of $35 a month for unlimited contacts, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited subscribers.

It almost feels odd that we need to type-out and explain the difference between contacts & subscribers. But sadly that’s how the competition and the market has priced their products. In fact, it doesn’t stop there, there are paywalls on scheduling, campaigns, automations, segments, and even unsubscribed contacts. We commit to providing a simple, affordable, and flat-rate priced product which is dramatically superior.

How much does Send² Cost

We’re offer a small business unlimited email service for $35 a month or $385 a year.
Additionally, we offer an enterprise unlimited email service for $250 a month, which comes with premium support.

Unlimited everything email?

Yes, that’s correct. Unlimited contacts, unlimited subscribers, unlimited automations, unlimited popups, unlimited campaigns.

How do I sign up?

It’s easy. It takes 3 steps, no credit card, no name, nothing other than your email and password.

1) Either goto our signup page, or goto our home page, and type in your email address and a password.

2) After submitting the form with your email and password, verify your email address.

3) Login to the Send² Application

Boom! 💥

Do you offer Popups?

Yes, we do have popup and conversion systems for you. They too are using our behavior technologies to adapt to your site.

Are Popups really free?

Yes, we believe in helping you grow your list. Any growth tools to help you email your clients more is something we want to offer to you for free!

Is SMS/MMS & Text Marketing also unlimited?

Unfortunately, that isn’t included in the unlimited sends.

How much does SMS/MMS & Text Message Marketing Cost?

We charge $0.0425 per SMS message, and $0.10 per MMS message respectfully. There are pricing breaks at larger increments.

How does Smart-sending work?

After you’ve trained your contact base with at least 10 campaigns, you may begin to start using smart-sending.

Can I move my phone number to your service for SMS?

Not at this time. After registering, you can search for phone numbers in your desired area code and establish a new one.

Do you have a WordPress Plugin?

Yes, you can find it on the wordpress store here. Or a bit more about it on our page here. It’s free, and will install our lightweight analytics and popup conversion systems on your site. Of course, you’ll need an account first.

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