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What is SendSquared

SendSquared integrates with property management systems to unify lead, booking, owner, and guest communication records into one single source of truth within our omnichannel communications hub.

Our proven programs streamline vacation rental and resort operations by automatically delivering the right message at the right time to drive direct bookings and maximize upsell opportunities.

How much does SendSquared cost?

SendSquared offers a variety of pricing plans, and we price them based on the number of units (for vacation rentals) or keys (for resorts) your company has. We offer two plans: SendSquared Owner Enterprise and SendSquared Enterprise.

Is there a free trial available?

No, SendSquared does not offer a free trial. However, you can sign up for a demo to see SendSquared in action.

Does SendSquared offer email and text automation?

Yes, SendSquared offers both email and text messaging automation. Additionally, you can even send emails and texts from the same automation tree.

What is the estimated implementation time?

The implementation time for SendSquared may vary depending on the package you choose. SendSquared Enterprise typically takes six to eight weeks, while SendSquared Owner Enterprise can take up to six weeks. The longer time-frames listed is due to additional setup requirements such as porting numbers and setting up call menus and plans.

How can I reach out for more help?

If you need further assistance, you can contact SendSquared's support team by email at support@sendsquared.com or by calling or texting +1 855-340-7363. Additionally, many forms on our website have a redirect feature to connect you with someone who can help. We encourage you to reach out to us for any support you may need.

Does SendSquared provide Mobile capabilities?

Yes, SendSquared provides mobile capabilities through our Apple and Android apps. With our mobile app, you can easily view your contacts, along with their notes, prior sends, and reservations. You can also manage your SMS and email inboxes, and review guest reservations on-the-go. Download the app now and take advantage of all the mobile capabilities offered by SendSquared.

Does SendSquared provide Lead Management

Yes, SendSquared provides Lead Management as part of our CRM capabilities. Through our CRM, you can easily manage and organize your leads, attach communication such as emails, texts, calls, or voicemails directly to a lead, and track lead engagement. This allows you to build and maintain relationships with your leads, while also streamlining your lead management process. Try out our Lead Management features today and see how SendSquared can help you convert more leads into owners and guests.