Email marketing
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the Design & Data Focused Email Marketing Platform

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the best way to reach your customers online

Grow your business and promote your brand with beautifully designed emails. The number 1 medium to build and capture your customers with the best return.

BUild your lists & emails

Design your emails like a pro, setup popups, and conversions on your website, upload your existing contacts, and begin sending today. It’s easy to start.

automate with ease

Automate your profits and scale with ease. Automatically send emails or texts at the perfect time during each of your customer’s journey with your brand and company. Use our pre-made automation templates to get started right away.

Smart because we learn

We learn about your contacts’ behaviors over time and take the work out of scheduling for you. We find the best time to send emails to each of your contacts individually. Furthermore, we’ll tell you when to send your next campaign – or conversely when not to. Bring all these smart scheduling features to your automation too!

With SMS, MMS & Text message marketing

Our predictive Email Marketing system (the only one of its kind) helps you determine what email, text, SMS, or MMS to send – when to send, and whom to send it to. Helping to elevate open rates, get more actions, and level up your business tech stack.

… Unlimited contacts, unlimited subscribers, unlimited campaigns, and unlimited automations

All features for $35/mo.





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