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Automate Your Messaging And Build Your Brand

Integrate your communications into one place

Hospitality CRM

Unified customer database across all properties with complete guest profiles.



Personalized email and text message campaigns that drive revenue at scale.



Full call-center and front-desk phone capability.


Transactional Messages

Send on-brand transactional messaging for the entire guest lifecycle.


Unified Inbox

All your email and text messaging from a single, shared inbox.


Guest WiFi

Grow your list by capturing the email of each guest as they connect to your wifi.



Track the Lifetime Value (LTV) of your guests. Accurately measuring the value of each guest & owner.


Assign all voice calls, emails, and texts from prospective owners and guests has never been easier.


Build data-driven segments with a real-time snapshot of their conditions and reservation status.


The ultimate solution for vacation rental and resorts to automate their messaging & marketing.


An exposition detailing why Collins Vacation Rentals selected SendSquared

a dramatic monthly cost savings

helping grow to over 300 units on St. George Island

Why companies love SendSquared

SendSquareds ability to combine inbox, call system, email marketing, text, and reports has made the reservations team more efficient and better able to serve our guests and owners.
Myra Ladd-Bone
Atlantic Reality
No matter where an agent is, they have a complete picture of the guest's journey on the unified guest record. Allows us to help the customer how they need and want to be helped.
Shawn Montgomery
Collins Vacation Rentals
SendSquared is a powerful software that streamlines communication, ensuring everyone is on the same page. It promotes consistency for guests and staff, transforming our resort operation.
Tim Oxborough
Sugar Lake Lodge