White Paper: Collins Vacation Rentals – SendSquared Enterprise Conversion

Executive Summary

This whitepaper provides a comprehensive overview of the research on the best Hospitality CRM, Lead Management, Marketing Automation, and Voice Platform for Collins Vacation Rentals. The report compares two SaaS platforms, SendSquared and NavisCRM, evaluating their features, pricing, and performance in areas such as lead generation, property management, marketing automation, email and SMS marketing, and reporting and analytics. The study found that SendSquared outperforms NavisCRM in key areas and is the best fit for Collins Vacation Rentals, as evidenced by its successful implementation and positive impact on the business, as well as a dramatic 65.9% monthly cost savings of $7,980. The report concludes by recommending that businesses carefully consider their needs and choose a SaaS platform that aligns with their goals and objectives.

Table of Contents

I. Introduction
  • Definition of SaaS (Software as a Service)
  • Overview of Collins Vacation Rentals and its business needs
II. SaaS Platforms
  • SendSquared
    • Features and capabilities
    • Pricing and plans
    • Pros and cons
  • NavisCRM
    • Features and capabilities
    • Pricing and plans
    • Pros and cons
  • Comparison of SaaS Platform
    • Comparison Matrix
    • Feature Matrix
    • Cost Matrix
III. Criteria for choosing a SaaS platform for Collins Vacation Rentals
  • Lead generation and conversion
  • Property management
  • Marketing automation
  • Email and SMS marketing
  • Reporting and analytics
IV. Case Study: Collins Vacation Rentals
  • Implementation of SendSquared
  • Results and impact on business
V. Conclusion
  • Summary of key points
  • Recommendation for which SaaS platform is the best fit for Collins Vacation Rentals
VI. References
  • List of sources and external links used in the research


The growth of Software as a Service (SaaS) has been a significant development in the software industry, and it has disrupted the traditional software delivery model. SaaS provides businesses with a range of benefits that were previously unavailable or difficult to achieve. One of the primary advantages of SaaS is lower upfront costs, as businesses no longer need to invest in expensive hardware and software licenses. Additionally, SaaS solutions are designed to be easy to use, making it possible for businesses of all sizes to take advantage of their benefits.

Collins Vacation Rentals, a well-established and respected company with 50 years of history on St. George Island, Florida, requires SaaS solutions to manage its large and diverse portfolio of over 250 vacation properties and 80 employees. As the de facto vacation rental manager of St. George Island, Collins Vacation Rentals requires the right tools and technology to operate their business efficiently.

This whitepaper evaluates the SaaS platforms, SendSquared and NavisCRM and their potential applications for Collins Vacation Rentals. SaaS products offer many benefits over traditional software, and companies of all sizes and industries are turning to SaaS solutions to improve their operations, increase efficiency, and drive growth. This whitepaper will compare SendSquared and NavisCRM and their abilities to address the needs of Collins Vacation Rentals.

SaaS Platforms


SendSquared simplifies vacation rental management and resort operations by integrating property management systems and consolidating lead, booking, and guest communication into a single source. Its programs automate communication and drive direct bookings and upsell opportunities. As an FCC-registered telecommunications company and member of The Campaign Registry™, SendSquared has direct access to telecom routing and number assignment. With its 4-year development history, SendSquared has established itself as a scalable and growing solution with robust technology and cost-effectiveness.

SendSquared Features & Highlights

Below are the features that genuinely make SendSquared stand out from the competition, offering a unique and unparalleled level of functionality and capabilities for vacation rental management. These features are the result of extensive research and development. They are designed to cater to the specific needs of the vacation rental industry, providing Collins Vacation Rentals with the tools and resources they need to succeed. Whether it’s the advanced lead management technology, the native Barefoot Integration, the native iOS and Android apps, or the SMS automation capabilities, these features set SendSquared apart from the rest and make it the premier choice for vacation rental management.
Native Barefoot (and other PMS) Integrations
Barefoot is a leading property management system widely used in the vacation rental industry. SendSquareds native integration with this system provides a seamless and efficient workflow for Collins Vacation Rentals. With this integration, SendSquared can access real-time and accurate reservation information, allowing the company to manage its properties, reservations, and bookings more efficiently and effectively. This feature is particularly beneficial for a company like Collins Vacation Rentals, which operates a large portfolio of properties and employs many people. The integration with Barefoot allows for a more streamlined workflow, as all the relevant information is automatically synced between the two systems eliminating the need for manual data entry. Which reduces the risk of errors and saves time and resources. The native integration also allows for a more accurate and up-to-date view of the company’s inventory, availability, and reservations, which can help with forecasting, pricing, and marketing decisions. In contrast, NavisCRM does not have a native integration with Barefoot and may require additional IT resources and custom development to connect the two systems. This can lead to a more complex and costly set up and may not provide the same level of integration and efficiency as SendSquared. In summary, SendSquared’s native integration with Barefoot Property Management system provides a significant advantage over NavisCRM, allowing Collins Vacation Rentals to access real-time and accurate reservation information, streamline their workflow, and make more informed business decisions.
Mobile App
SendSquared has the advantage over NavisCRM due to its native iOS and Android apps. These apps provide real-time access to users’ inbox for guests’ email and SMS inquiries, allowing them to manage their properties, reservations, and bookings on the go. This is particularly beneficial for a company like Collins Vacation Rentals, which operates a large portfolio of properties and employs many people. The native iOS and Android apps allow users to easily access and manage their inboxes, respond to guest inquiries, and update reservations from their mobile devices. This provides more flexibility and convenience, as users can respond to guests’ inquiries and manage their properties from anywhere, at any time. This can help to improve the guest experience and increase the chances of converting leads into bookings. The apps also offer push notifications, allowing users to stay on top of their inboxes and promptly reply to guests’ inquiries. This can help to increase the response rate and improve the chances of converting leads into bookings. In contrast, NavisCRM does not have native iOS and Android apps, and users may not have the same level of access and convenience. This can limit the platform’s flexibility and may not provide the same level of responsiveness and user experience as SendSquared. In summary, SendSquared’s native iOS and Android apps offer a significant advantage over NavisCRM, allowing Collins Vacation Rentals to manage their properties, reservations, and bookings on the go, respond to guests’ inquiries in a timely manner, and improve the guest experience, which can lead to more bookings.
SMS Automations
One of the key advantages of SendSquared over NavisCRM is its SMS automation capabilities. SendSquared allows you to interweave SMS and email automations into complex wait structures predicated on a slew of native triggers from an authentic Barefoot Integration. This allows for more personalized and targeted communication with guests, which can lead to increased conversions and bookings. With SendSquared, you can set up automated SMS campaigns that can be triggered by a variety of events, such as a new reservation, a reservation confirmation, or a reservation reminder. This allows you to keep guests informed and engaged throughout the booking process, and can help to increase the chances of converting leads into bookings. In contrast, NavisCRM does not have SMS automation capabilities. This means that the communication with guests is limited to email, which can be less personal and less effective. It may also require additional resources to manage SMS communication separately. In summary, SendSquared’s SMS automation capabilities provide a significant advantage over NavisCRM, allowing Collins Vacation Rentals to interweave SMS and email automations into complex wait structures, predicated on a slew of native triggers from an authentic Barefoot Integration, which can help to increase conversions and bookings.
Soft Client
A key differentiator between SendSquared and NavisCRM is that SendSquared supports soft clients, while NavisCRM does not. A soft client is a software application that runs on a computer or mobile device instead of a dedicated hardware. It can work with a headset and microphone, a VoIP phone, or an analog telephone adaptor. Office workers are increasingly using soft clients as a convenient alternative to traditional desk phones, but this can put a strain on the network. SendSquared, being cloud-based, supports soft clients, offering users flexibility and accessibility from any device with an internet connection. NavisCRM, on the other hand, requires dedicated hardware and limited flexibility. SendSquared’s soft client allows for better integration with other systems, more flexibility, and scalability, making it ideal for a company like Collins Vacation Rentals with many properties and employees.

SendSquared Costs

SendSquared offers two distinct tier models: Enterprise and Owner Enterprise. Each tier builds upon the previous one, with Enterprise encompassing everything that SendSquared has to offer on the guest side. Both tiers incur usage fees based on calls and text messages. This approach sets SendSquared apart in the world of email marketing, where the industry norm is to charge per contact.
SendSquared Product Incremental Cost Price (USD)
Enterprise Per Month $18.00
Monthly costs are attributed below:
Monthly Usage Fees Incremental Cost Price (USD)
Toll-Free Number Per Month $2.40
Non-Toll Free Number Per Month $1.20
All Calls Per Minute $0.0456
SMS Message Per Message $0.024
MMS Message Per Message $0.045

SendSquared Pros & Cons


The pros of SendSquared are numerous and highly advantageous for those in need of a cutting-edge platform. Firstly, the platform boasts state-of-the-art tools and the most advanced technologies available. These technologies help businesses streamline their operations, increase productivity and stay ahead of the competition.


However, one potential drawback to consider is that SendSquared is a relatively new player in the market compared to well-established brands like Navis. Although this can sometimes result in a lack of brand recognition, it also means that SendSquared has a fresh perspective and innovative approach to solving business challenges.


NavisCRM Features & Highlights

NavisCRM’s core solution feature is based on a highly consultative approach designed to understand and address each client’s unique needs and challenges. NavisCRM can stay ahead of client demands using its consultative playbook, even when working with legacy technology and infrastructure. Their consultative approach allows them to gain a deep understanding of the client’s requirements and tailor their solution accordingly. This approach is especially beneficial for clients who may have legacy systems and infrastructure, as it enables NavisCRM to work within the constraints of those systems while still providing a modern and efficient solution.
Reservation Sales (Voice)
Navis had its humble beginnings in the world of telecommunication, starting with the innovative concept of providing maintenance services through hotel room phones with just the touch of a button by dialing *7. However, the company didn’t stop there. They saw a tremendous opportunity to enhance their offerings further, and as a result, they embarked on a journey to bulk up their product portfolio. This journey led them to the development of their signature copper switch systems, which quickly became the cornerstone of their product line. Through years of refinement and innovation, the Navis switch has perfected the art of call routing and has become the hub of its product family. Despite its limitations, such as support for only hard-phones and the absence of a VoIP service stack, the Navis switch has remained a dominant player in the market. It has continued to be a crucial component of the company’s offerings. The company’s relentless pursuit of excellence has made it a leading name in the world of telecommunication. Their story is a testament to their unwavering commitment to innovation and progress.
Navis provides a robust set of marketing tools designed to maximize the impact of your email campaigns. These tools enable you to import your customer base and send targeted emails that increase engagement and revenue. Navis calculates revenue attribution based on the correlation between the emails sent and the reservations booked, using a 90-day window to determine the results of your campaigns. The reporting system offers in-depth insights into the success of your email campaigns, making it easier to calculate the return on investment of your marketing efforts. Despite having basic graphics by today’s standards, the campaigns are still effective in conveying your message and driving results. Navis’ marketing tools are a testament to what was available in the late 2000s.
Guest Feedback
Navis’ Guest Feedback survey platform is designed for past guests of vacation rental properties. The purpose is to gather insights into the guests’ experience and pinpoint areas for improvement. The survey consists of a standardized set of questions covering various aspects of the guest’s stay, such as property condition, check-in process, and customer service. The responses are collected and analyzed to give property owners and managers valuable feedback on their guests’ experiences. The survey platform is automatically triggered and implemented through an online survey sent to guests after their stay. The results are distilled and made available to property owners and managers through Navis’ Report Module, providing them with a clear understanding of the guests’ experiences.
Navis is well known for their CRM.  Voice and CRM are the mainstays of what has established Navis as a brand.  Their CRM was a leader in the space during the mid to late 2000s, carving the path for others to follow and imitate, focusing on single email-to-contact relationships and multiple numbers back to a single call.
Shopping Cart Abandonment
Navis’ Shopping Cart Abandonment system helps vacation rental property owners and managers identify and minimize instances of shopping cart abandonment. With Navis’ system, property owners and managers have the tools to understand why bookings are not being completed and improve their online booking process to increase revenue.
RezForce by Navis is an outsourced call center service solution for your vacation rental after hours or when all agents are unavailable to capture bookings when you can’t. With RezForce Lux trains agents with Forbes Travel Guide’s 5-Star certification standards.

NavisCRM Costs

Navis charges its Enterprise users a fixed monthly subscription fee based on the level of service required by the vacation rental (VR). Instead of billing per minute, Navis offers a custom fee that caters to the specific needs and services of the VR. The amount of the monthly cost will vary depending on the level of service the VR chooses. For instance, a VR that requires extensive support and a full range of tools will be charged a higher monthly fee than a VR that needs less help and fewer tools. The price reflects the level of support and resources Navis provides to the VR, including access to its platform, tools, and customer support.
Enterprise Unit
Monthly Phone Plan $19.95
Monthly Email Plan $6.00
On the other hand, Non-Enterprise Navis customers are charged per minute and a lower monthly fee. The monthly payment for phone and email plans for Enterprise and Non-Enterprise customers are detailed above.
Non-Enterprise Unit
Monthly Phone Plan $10.00
Monthly Email Plan $6.00
Additionally, RezForce charges for services used, such as received calls, and takes a cut of the reservation.
RezForce Price
Monthly Base Fee $10.00 per unit
Per call cost $0.03
Per reservation booked 30% of total reservation

Navis Pros & Cons

Pros: Navis is a respected and trusted brand that has been a pioneer in its field for over three decades. With a rich history of innovation and a deep commitment to excellence, Navis has earned a reputation for providing top-quality products and services that meet the needs of its customers. Throughout the years, Navis has remained at the forefront of its industry, continually adapting and evolving to stay ahead of the curve. With a legacy spanning more than 30 years, Navis is a true icon in business and technology, building a loyal following of customers who rely on its products and services for success. Cons: While Navis has a long history of delivering innovative products and services, there are a few areas where the company may not meet the expectations of some customers. One of these areas is the state of its technology, which some customers may consider to be out of date and in need of updating. Additionally, the cost of Navis’ products and services may be perceived as being higher than that of its competitors, which may be a concern for some customers. Navis has decided to move away from the vacation rental market, which may disappoint some of its customers who rely on its products and services in this area.

Comparison of SaaS Platforms

SendSquared versus NavisCRM. The two leading SaaS platforms for vacation rental management offer robust solutions for managing properties, reservations, and bookings. However, one of the key differentiators between the two platforms is their approach to call routing and in-house call center technology. SendSquared and NavisCRM both have advanced call routing and in-house call center technology that optimizes calls into booked calls, increasing the efficiency and conversion rate of non-booked calls. However, SendSquared takes it one step further by incorporating lead management technology specifically tailored to calls and reservations, allowing the company to better manage and nurture leads, resulting in a higher conversion rate and, ultimately, more bookings. Another area of differentiation is the unified inbox that allows for SMS capabilities, with SendSquared’s fresh take on a native iOS and Android app—allowing the guest communication not to be restrained to email, which can be less personal and less effective. Furthermore, SendSquared is built with the latest technologies and is entirely cloud-based, allowing easy access and scalability. NavisCRM, on the other hand, is a more traditional, on-premise solution, which may not be as flexible and may require additional IT resources to maintain.

Comparison Matrix

A comprehensive comparison matrix of features between SendSquared and NavisCRM is provided below, highlighting the key differences between the two leading SaaS platforms for vacation rental management. The matrix delves into each platform’s specific functionalities and capabilities, providing a detailed and thorough analysis of how they stack up against each other. From lead generation, conversion, property management, marketing automation, email and SMS marketing, reporting, integration, and more, this matrix is a valuable resource for any company looking to make an informed decision about which platform is the best fit for their specific needs.

Feature Matrix

  SendSquared NavisCRM
Agent Accountability Reports
Agent Conversion Metrics
Blended Call Center
Call Logging
Call Recording
Call Scripting
Campaign Management
Dynamic Website Tracking with Toll Free Numbers
Email Automations
Email Campaigns
Escalation Management
Incoming SMS Routing
iOS / Android App
IVR / Voice Recognition
Lead Management
Lead Tracking by Agent
Menu Trees
Native Barefoot Integration
Outbound Call Center
Outbound Sales Management
Progressive Dialer
Queue Management
Route Incoming Calls
Shopping Cart Abandonment
Single CRM Contact
Smart Agent Routing
SMS Automations
SMS Website Chat
Soft Client (Browser phone)
Unified Contact Record Across all Channels
Unified Inbox
Unlimited Toll Free Numbers

Cost Matrix

  SendSquared NavisCRM
Monthly Plan Cost $18.00 per Unit $26.00 per Unit
Monthly Charge per minute $0.0456 $0.03
Monthly Charge per Toll Free Number $2.40 $0.00

Criteria for choosing a SaaS sales platform for Collins Vacation Rentals

  • Lead generation and conversion: The platform should have the ability to generate leads from various sources, such as online marketplaces, social media, and referral programs, and have a robust lead conversion process to turn those leads into paying customers.
  • Property management: The platform should provide a comprehensive solution for managing properties, reservations, and bookings. This includes handling multiple properties, keeping track of availability, and seamlessly handling payments and reservations.
  • Marketing automation: The platform should have the ability to automate marketing activities, such as email campaigns, social media posts, and ad campaigns, and help the company to better target and engage with potential customers.
  • Email and SMS marketing: The platform should have the ability to create and send out targeted email and SMS campaigns to potential and existing customers, keeping them informed and engaged with the company.
  • Reporting and analytics: The platform should provide detailed reporting and analytics capabilities, allowing the company to track performance, identify trends, and make data-driven decisions. Which includes real-time data, historical data, and forecasting tools.
  • Integration: The SaaS platform should be able to integrate with existing systems like accounting, payment processing, and inventory management, streamlining business processes and improving efficiency.
  • Security and compliance: The platform should comply with industry data security standards and follow data protection and privacy regulations. This includes encryption, backups, and disaster recovery protocols.
  • Support and customer service: The platform should have a dedicated customer service team and provide support for any issues that arise. This includes round-the-clock availability, troubleshooting, and training.
  • Scalability: The platform should be able to scale and adapt to the business’s growing needs, accommodating the company’s growth and maintaining a competitive edge.
  • Cost: The platform should be cost-effective and budget-friendly, providing an excellent return on investment and a cost-effective solution for the company’s needs.

Case Study: Collins Vacation Rentals

Implementation of SendSquared

The integration of SendSquared and Collins Vacation Rentals was a meticulously planned process that took place over a span of two weeks. The SendSquared team was present on-site, working tirelessly to ensure a smooth and seamless transition from Navis. On December 12th, 2021, the phone numbers were flawlessly ported from Navis to SendSquared, and the system went live without a single dropped call. This was a significant achievement for the business and a testament to the efforts and commitment of the implementation team. The following month saw the activation of the remaining automation features and the marketing team being empowered to utilize the platform for targeted email campaigns. SendSquared’s automation and marketing capabilities elevated Collins Vacation Rentals’ efforts to new heights, allowing them to achieve remarkable results in a shorter timeframe. The successful integration of SendSquared was a game changer for Collins Vacation Rentals. The cutting-edge technology, advanced automation, and marketing tools have helped the business reach new milestones, reduce costs, and improve its organizational culture. The smooth transition from Navis to SendSquared has proven to be a wise investment and has established a solid foundation for future success.

Results and impact on business

SendSquared has had a significant positive impact on Collins Vacation Rental Business. The integration with Barefoot has improved call accuracy and efficiency by matching calls with the correct contact names, resulting in increased productivity and better results. Thanks to SendSquared, Collins Vacation Rental Business has saved $7,980 per month, a 65.9% reduction in costs. The advanced technology features have allowed Collins to replace multiple subscriptions, such as ActiveCampaign and NavisCRM, with just SendSquared. NOTE: add a breakdown of what they were paying Navis. $7,020 For base platform $3,500 For RezForce $1,500 For Active Campaign Overall, SendSquared has been instrumental in the success of Collins Vacation Rental Business. The technology, integration, and improved call alignment have led to better results, cost reductions, and a more positive organizational culture, all while maintaining high levels of agent satisfaction and availability. The adoption of SendSquared has been a transformative event for Collins Vacation Rental Business, resulting in significant improvements in its operations.


In conclusion, the integration of Hospitality Lead Management and Voice Platforms has become an essential aspect of modern Vacation Rental Management businesses. After evaluating both SendSquared and NavisCRM, it is clear that both platforms offer similar features that cater to the needs of the Vacation Rental industry. Collins Vacation Rentals requires a SaaS platform that can effectively manage lead generation and conversion, property management, automation, email and SMS marketing, and reporting and analytics. SendSquared was the best fit for Collins Vacation Rentals due to its performance in key criteria, cost savings, and superior support. The implementation of SendSquared has positively impacted the business, showing that the right SaaS platform can significantly enhance a company’s operations and overall performance. It’s essential for businesses to thoroughly consider their needs and choose a SaaS platform that aligns with their goals.


Shawn Montgomery – Manager of Collins Vacation Rentals.
Navis Website – https://naviscrm.com
SendSquared Website – https://sendsquared.com
Revinate Website – http://revinate.com