Five Star Properties Chooses SendSquared

We are thrilled to announce that Five Star Properties has transitioned to SendSquared for their comprehensive communications stack. It’s our privilege to support the local operators within the Greater Destin area. Below is a testimonial from them regarding this exciting change:

SendSquared has been an operational GODSEND!! Having a large rental management company, you rely on not only the functionality and power of your CRM but also its scalability. We found ourselves going from platform to platform trying to find a system that worked for our needs and also provided a partnership and willingness to help us adjust as the industry continues to grow. SendSquared has delivered as promised. The onboarding was smooth and the team was with us every step of the way. Having a powerful, yet innovative CRM has increased our effectiveness and provided a path for empowerment throughout our users. It’s reassuring to have confidence in your CRM and the support team that powers it. We couldn’t be more pleased!