‚ÄčLast updated: October 22nd, 2022

Subject to the terms of the Software Service Agreement, SendSquared will provide Client with reasonable technical support services in accordance with the following standard practices:

  1. Response Time: SendSquared will aim to respond to Client inquiries or support requests within a reasonable timeframe, typically within 24 hours during regular business hours.
  2. Issue Prioritization: Support requests will be prioritized based on severity and impact on Client’s operations, with higher priority given to critical issues affecting essential services.
  3. Communication: SendSquared’s support team will maintain open and transparent communication with the Client, providing regular updates on the status of reported issues and resolutions.
  4. Problem Resolution: SendSquared will make diligent efforts to resolve technical issues promptly, employing industry-standard best practices and expertise to ensure a satisfactory resolution.
  5. Escalation Procedures: In cases where issues cannot be resolved within a reasonable time frame, SendSquared may escalate them to higher-level support or technical teams for additional assistance and expertise.
  6. Documentation: SendSquared will maintain up-to-date documentation on its products and services, which may include knowledge base articles, FAQs, and user guides to assist Clients in troubleshooting common issues.
  7. Training and Guidance: SendSquared may offer training sessions or guidance to help Clients maximize the benefits of their services and minimize the occurrence of technical problems.
  8. Software Updates: SendSquared will notify Clients of available software updates, patches, or upgrades that may enhance system performance, security, or functionality. Automatic updates are rolled out every Tuesday evening
  9. Monitoring and Maintenance: SendSquared will regularly monitor the performance of its services to proactively identify and address potential issues, including routine maintenance and updates to ensure system stability.
  10. Feedback and Improvement: SendSquared values Client feedback and may periodically seek input to improve its standard support practices, making adjustments as necessary to enhance the support experience.

These standard practices are integral to SendSquared’s commitment to providing high-quality technical support services to the Client, as outlined in the Software Service Agreement.