Padre Getaways Increased Voice Sales After Switching to SendSquared from NAVIS

South Padre Island is located at the southernmost tip of Texas where there are 34 miles of gorgeous, uninterrupted beachfront just waiting for your arrival. It’s here where you’ll find some of the cleanest beaches covered with sugar white sand in the country. Panoramic views with breathtaking sunrises and phenomenal sunsets make this a vacation destination preferred by many. Come see for yourself!

We were Navis groupies – from training to outbound calling to lead management. We needed a new solution because Navis became too complicated and there were too many features that we didn’t need and didn’t use. Navis became focused on hotels – whose phone and lead management needs are very different – and whose reservation teams are much larger than ours. SS is focused on the vacation rental business.

First and foremost, our new solution needed to integrate with Barefoot. We chose SS because you gave us an opportunity to tell you what we needed and what we did not need. And as we learned from working with other SS clients like our “big brother” PI Rentals, Tom – our needs were different than his, even though we are in the exact same resort market. You were willing to tailor the system to meet those different needs.

SendSquared is our source of truth for our lead database – which was at one point over 100k but after SS’s help to clean it up is now a robust 85k of useable emails and still growing. We still get an email address from 98% of the calls to Padre Getaways with an intent to stay – which we capture through SS. SS also captures all of our booked leads from whatever source derived. With Realtech, we use the templates and database in SS for our marketing sends. (Wally’s world)

SS provides us with a lead management system no matter the source of the lead. We believe in direct booking if not the first time, then the second. If someone books from an OTA the first time so be it, but if we don’t book them directly the second time, shame on us. SS allows us to auto-send follow-up emails to guests who don’t book on the first call or first look, and allows us to remarket to repeat guests. And our booked guest communications – email today and soon to be texts, go out from SS.

Last but not least is our desire to record all calls. We are able to use SS for both reservation and customer service training – just like the recording says! We have basic non-negotiables (to use a Navis term) – branding our calls and getting an email address with each and every call. And in a market that is often high risk for guest who book against terms, we are able to use recorded calls to help manage difficult situations. We have even been able to use recorded calls to support charge back claims. We confirm every reservation and require the guest to complete their registration and check in forms at time of reservation. SS is our backbone for getting this done.

Eleana Jones
Padre Getaways