Adding a Checkbox for SMS Opt-in on Your Reservation Checkout Page

In this help article, we will guide you on how to add a checkbox to your reservation checkout page, allowing guests to opt-in to receive text messages. It is important to provide a proper opt-in process that complies with legal requirements and includes the necessary legal verbiage to ensure guest consent. The checkbox should be presented without pre-selection and include a clear statement outlining the terms of SMS communication. Follow the steps below to implement this feature on your reservation checkout page.

Step 1: Accessing the Checkout Page:

  1. Log in to your reservation system or website administration panel.
  2. Navigate to the page where your reservation checkout form is located.

Step 2: Adding the Checkbox:

  1. Locate the section of your checkout page where you want to include the SMS opt-in checkbox. Typically, this is near the contact information or preferences section.
  2. Add an HTML checkbox element <input type="checkbox"> within the desired section.

Step 3: Adding the Label and Legal Verbiage:

  1. Write a label for the checkbox using the <label> element. It should contain the legal verbiage you want to display to the guests.
  2. Include the following legal verbiage or customize it as needed:

“By checking, you authorize XXXX to send text messages with offers & other information, possibly using automated technology, to the number you provided. Message/data rates apply. Consent is not a condition of purchase.”

  1. Place the label text within the <label> element and associate it with the checkbox using the for attribute, which should match the id of the checkbox.

Step 4: Checkbox Default State:

  1. Ensure that the checkbox is not pre-checked by default. This means removing the checked attribute from the <input> tag, so the checkbox is initially empty.

Step 5: Backend Implementation:

  1. Consult your website or reservation system’s documentation or contact your development team to handle the backend implementation of the SMS opt-in checkbox.
  2. Work with your booking engine provider to ensure that the opt-in response is properly captured and stored.
  3. Once the booking engine has completed and stored the guest’s information, including the opt-in response, it should pass this information to your Property Management System (PMS) or other relevant systems.
  4. If you are using SendSquared as your SMS messaging platform, you can integrate it with your PMS to automatically pull the opt-in status along with the rest of the guest information.

Note: The specific steps and procedures for integrating SendSquared with your PMS may vary depending on the systems involved. It is recommended to refer to the documentation provided by SendSquared or consult their support team for guidance on the integration process.

By working with your booking engine and ensuring the proper flow of information from the booking engine to your PMS and SendSquared, you can effectively store and access the opt-in status along with the guest’s information, enabling you to utilize SendSquared for SMS communication while respecting the guest’s preferences.

Step 6: Updating Privacy Policy:

  1. Review your privacy policy or terms of service to ensure compliance with SMS communication regulations.
  2. Include information about text message opt-ins, data usage, and message rates.
  3. If necessary, consult with a legal professional to ensure your policy is accurate and up to date.

Step 7: Testing and Compliance:

  1. Test the checkout page with the added checkbox to ensure proper functionality.
  2. Conduct thorough testing to ensure that the SMS opt-in checkbox captures and stores the guest’s preference correctly.
  3. Ensure that your SMS messaging system is configured to comply with regulations regarding text message rates, consent, and opt-out mechanisms.

Conclusion: By following these steps, you can add a checkbox for SMS opt-in on your reservation checkout page. Remember to implement proper legal verbiage and comply with SMS communication regulations to ensure guest consent and protect their privacy. Offering this opt-in option provides your guests with the choice to receive text messages containing offers and other relevant information, potentially enhancing their overall experience with your services.