Go to Global Settings under the profile icon in the upper right corner to export contacts. At the bottom of the page, select Export Contacts. In the top right select ‘Request New Export.’ Then select if you want to include all groups, tags and delete the contacts. Exporting Contacts can be done at any p

The procedure in this section shows you how to set up DKIM for a domain. If you set up DKIM for a domain, then you can start sending verified and signed emails from that domain. To set up DKIM for a domin: DNS/Hosting provider GoDaddy: Add a CNAME record (external link) DreamHost: How do I […]

There are two ways to individually/manually add contacts. The first way is to click on the profile icon with the plus button. This will pull up a new contact profile page. Fill out the information and click save contact. One thing to note is to make sure you select what group you want them to […]

Once you have created and finalized your email template under templates you are ready to send your email campaign! How do I know if I should select standard send or smart send? If your email is time sensitive, use standard. Prime example is black Friday. If you want to make sure everyone gets your email [&h

Go to Global Settings under the profile icon in the upper right corner to import contacts. At the bottom of the page, select import. From there, select whether you want to create a new group or add to an already existing group. Then you will click next and upload your CSV file (comma-separated values file)

The open standard Sender Policy Framework (SPF) http://www.open-spf.org/ is aimed at preventing sender address forgery. The following describes how SPF is configured for use with SendSquared. SPF overview SPF attempts to prevent email sending abuse by ensuring that the IP address from which a message was se

Select the email you have created in Templates -> Email Templates. Once in the email editor, you will select ‘Send test email’ in the upper right corner. Enter your email in the ‘To Email’ field and select add to list. This will bring your email down to the email list. You can choose quick send,

In this article, we’ll show you how to integrate your form with SendSquared. SendSquared can facilitate working with any form, third party or manual api connection to its services. We offer a standard RESTful API endpoint which is public and omitted of any authentication. This endpoint can facilitate post

Quick replies can be used to send quick and consistent standard responses via email or SMS to customers that can be customized using text, tokens, or links that you tend to send to prospective and current guests frequently. To begin, go to Global settings and click on Quick Replies. Add New Reply. You will