Route outgoing SMTP relay messages through SendSquared

Set up your email for SMTP relay through SendSquared servers

You can use it to:

  • Filter messages for spam and viruses before they reach external recipients
  • Apply email security and advanced SendSquared settings to outgoing messages
  • Link PMS emails to contact profiles for both outbound and inbound

Using the following address outgoing address:

ACCEPT TLS connections on Ports: 465 & 587

Managing your email server for peer-to-peer email communication is relatively straightforward because most emails only go to a limited number of recipients.

But what if you have a web app such as PMS that sends notification emails prompted by your guests needs?

Those emails aren’t as unique and are often labeled as spam. This is where an SMTP relay service can help. 

If you use your primary peer-to-peer email server to send bulk emails, your delivery rate will suffer. And you may clog your bandwidth, potentially delaying the sending and receiving process of peer-to-peer emails.

Constantly monitoring your email server to keep crucial emails out of the spam folder is an expensive and time-consuming task. 

As your business grows, so do your email-sending needs. 

An outbound SMTP relay service ensures that common delivery mishaps won’t affect your email campaigns—and SMTP relay providers like SendSquared can help you get started.