Resort Data Processing now Integrates with SendSquared

We’re excited announce that SendSquared now integrates with Resort Data Processing (RDP)!

RDP has been a leader in the hospitality industry for over 30 years and is a company we deeply admire. They are consistently named as one of the best resort management software solutions available in no small part because of their commitment to innovation and customer support.

Our mission at SendSquared is to help businesses know their customers and treat them like they would their closest friends. Our integration with RDP now means that over 1,000 properties serving millions of guests can build relationships that make staying at an independent resort or vacation rental extraordinary.

With SendSquared, properties using RDP can now use the data from their property management system to power all their guest communication and sales. At every touchpoint along the customer journey, from before they’ve even booked, to post-stay, you can deliver personalized, timely messages that delight guests and allow them to relax and focus on enjoying their vacation.

We know that in travel, the best experiences are those where real connections are made. So we build technology to help make those moments possible. Technology should be a helping hand, not a barrier to building relationships. Our communications platform helps businesses treat everyone like they would their closest friends.

Together with our partners at Resort Data Processing, we’re helping to make the world a little more connected, one conversation at a time.

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