Barefoot & SendSquared Partnership

Barefoot & SendSquared are improving their current partnership and adding some new additional services for Barefoot customers. On October 6th, 2022, Barefoot and SendSquared hosted a webinar to discuss these new services, such as the Barefoot Unified Inbox, powered by SendSquared, and the Text & EMarketing platform, which is integrated directly with the Barefoot PMS. A quick summary of the webinar and the presentation can be found below, along with the webinar recording.

The first product reviewed was the Unified Inbox. The Unified Text & Email Inbox includes inbound inquiries from Airbnb, Vrbo, and direct emails and texts. All communications can be reviewed, assigned to agents, and responded to within the SendSquared system. The inbox will keep your entire team on the same page, so you never miss a message. A complete history of inbound and outbound communications will be stored in the Unified Guest Record and can be reviewed for the life of that guest.

Next, the SendSquareds Marketing platform allows you to replace MailChimp, Constant Contact, or other email marketing systems. A full CANVA integration enables you to make branded, professional-looking emails. With the integration to Barefoot, you can segment and target your email marketing campaigns to the correct people and land in their inboxes at the optimal time.

With the SendSquared segmentation and automation capabilities of the Barefoot guest profile, target markets can be created, such as a drive to market, loyalty programs, and more. These specific markets can be sent campaigns and also automated communications. The Barefoot Integration pulls the right information to one spot so each email and text can utilize fields like unit type, rate code, arrival/departure dates, and check-in instructions into each email or text you send.

With SendSquareds direct API integration with Barefoot, the software platform can help you instantly engage your past, present, and future guests with marketing emails, automations, and texts specific to their guest profiles.

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